New technology of rotary stretch blow molding machine

2017-06-14 11:15:29 admin 257

Bottle feeding: the preform is poured into the storage hopper, the conveyor will automatically upgrade to stock bottle, after the bottle blank is arranged in the inlet of the blank on the guide rail, the heated bottle blank row good by gravity automatically enter equipment. The billet is automatically controlled, and the efficiency of the billet is high without damaging the preform.

Heating bottle blank: in the blank at the wheel head automatic continuous heating for preform, bottle blank uniform rotation continuous heating zone through special and accurate control of heating, the temperature distribution of reasonable symmetry.

Stretch blow bottle: cam mechanism controls the opening and closing of mould accurately. The simple die support mechanism makes the replacement of the mold more convenient and quick. The special clamping pressurization system makes the mould lock fast and stable. The special structure of the blowing mouth, the original blowing bottle control technology, improved the yield.

Molding out: the manipulator automatically takes the bottle out of the mold and accepts the quality test. The bottle with the quality requirement is delivered to the belt, and then it is stored in the bottle bin or on-line filling.