Domestic plastic blowing machine market recognition increased

2017-06-14 11:16:52 admin 257

Bottle blowing machine as a plastic bottle production equipment, improve unit time plastic bottle production is the most important indicator. However, some enterprises one-sided pursuit of unit time production efficiency of bottle blowing machine, it is difficult to effectively control the quality of product produced by bottle blowing machine. At the same time, the domestic blowing machine enterprises in the customer service service has been a weakness, there is no perfect customer service service system, making the product bottle blowing machine has been difficult to effectively enhance domestic reputation, with some scale blowing machine enterprises began to focus on this market, the current domestic bottle blowing machine in the market gradually enhance the brand. Received market recognition.

As a bottle blowing machine industry, with the development of domestic plastic bottle market, its rapid development in recent years, some domestic enterprises engaged in the production of bottle blowing machine has also been in the process of development and expansion. From the initial stage of reform and opening up, small workshops have gradually shortened the gap between international giants and bottle blowing machines, and some enterprises have reached the international advanced level in the manufacturing technology of bottle blowing machines.