China's bottle blowing machine industry development should focus on energy saving, consumption reduction and product innovation as the two major breakthrough

2017-06-14 11:18:15 admin 257

For the bottle blowing machine enterprises, around the two major themes of energy saving, product innovation, down-to-earth efforts to promote, will soon be rewarded. Although China's bottle blowing machine industry faces many problems, it also faces huge domestic and international markets and better opportunities for development.

The bottle blowing machine industry in our country is close to the international well-known enterprises in technology manufacturing, but still has a certain distance in brand awareness and related innovation areas. For domestic blowing machine enterprises, the current industry is also facing the throes of industrial transformation and upgrading, how to quickly complete the upgrade, you need to find a breakthrough point.

We believe that energy saving is a very important breakthrough, at present, energy has become a bottleneck in the development of the whole society, how to blow bottle machine in the production process to the enterprise, does not affect the original blowing efficiency and the quality of the premise, to effectively reduce the energy consumption used for bottle, plastic bottle production enterprises to achieve energy-saving and this will win a lot of plastic bottle blowing machine enterprises of all ages, this will directly bring the real cost savings and improve profits of enterprises of plastic bottles. Another breakthrough is of course the blow molding machine product innovation, according to the defects of the existing bottle blowing machine market, according to market research, understand the needs of users, the product improvement and innovation, to become the industry leader, which is to enhance the competitiveness of bottle blowing machine is the most effective means.